We respect your copyright. Please respect ours.

私たちはあなたの著作権を尊重します。 私たちの著作権も尊重してください。

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Ignatius Rake's work combines his own material (images, footage, sounds and music, etc) with licensed material and material freely obtainable from the public domain. These materials are then edited, adapted and/or otherwise synthesised to produce unique creations for which he alone holds the resultant copyright.

Consequently, anyone wishing to use any of his creations in any way whatsoever must first obtain written permission and clearance from him and him alone.

Unless otherwise stated, all texts, graphics, music, videos, animations and any other moving images on this website have been created by Ignatius Rake.

Any material created by other persons or entities, such as bands or musicians, appears here by kind permission. At all times, unless previously agreed to in writing by all parties concerned, the original copyright holder retains copyright to the material they created/contributed/supplied.