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Preamble 前文

Please note: This website, www.ninjinart.com, respects Do Not Track and Global Privacy Control requests from web browsers. If you did not see a full-screen cookie banner when first visiting this website, then it would appear that you have one or both of these options activated on your web browser.

If so, your cookie useage has been automatically set to select only functional cookies required for this website to operate, with all other cookies, inlcuding trackers, blocked and denied. We recommend that all web users activate such options and that all website operators respect them.

If you did see a full-screen cookie banner and you believe you have one or both of these option activated, then you might want to check the settings and configuration of your browser.

We also deploy a cookie blocker as part of the Complianz-made cookie control service we use. This is designed to automatically prevent any non-purely-functional cookies, including tracking cookies, being deployed. Thus, while any such cookies may have been placed on our website by our service providers and will consequently be listed below, they are actually blocked from this end without you having to do anything.

Please also note that we here at Ninjin Art have not had nor sought any input into the design, development or writing of any cookies used on or associated with this website; would much rather not use any if that were reasonably possible; and, what’s more, do not knowingly receive any information from them other than, perhaps, some limited and thoroughly anonymised statistical data about website usage.

All the cookies you may find/encounter here have been created and set by people/companies on whose services we rely to function but with whom we have never had any dealings beyond the limited scope of using/purchasing their products and maybe seeking technical support/leaving feedback.

Unlike many other websites, we do not use Google Analytics to monitor website traffic. Instead, we use the privacy-focussed and cookieless service provided by Burst Statistics, which you can read about here. We also host our fonts (actually called typefaces) locally and therefore have no need nor desire to use Google Fonts either.

Likewise, we do not use Google’s reCAPTCHA service or indeed any other Google service other than YouTube, which we do use extensively as our primary video hosting service.

As mentioned above, though, any non-purely-functional cookies, including tracking cookies, associated with this or indeed any other service used by us should be automatically blocked by the aforementioned Complianz cookie blocker.

Regardless of this, any such cookies, we understand, should also be blocked if you have activated your web brower’s Do Not Track and/or Global Privacy Control options or if you have manually choosen to accept only functional cookies on this website.

As you might have sussed by now, we at Ninjin Art do not much care for the idea of internet tracking, which is why we recommend you choose to accept only functional cookies on this website and indeed every other website you encounter. We have absolutely no interest nor desire in tracking you or, indeed, being tracked ourselves.

If you do wish to restrict, block or prevent the use of cookies both here and in general, then most browsers will provide ways for you to do just that, including controlling the length of time they are stored on your hard drive/computer/device. If your browser does not offer this control via built-in functionality then it may be possible to achieve it through the use of third-party add-ons/extensions/plugins.

Please be aware, though, that if you do choose to disable any functional cookies here, some or all of the features of this website may not work correctly if at all.

That said, we here at Ninjin Art also recommend going into your browser settings and, where possible, preventing websites from setting third-party cookies. We also, as stated above, recommend activating the Do Not Track and/or Global Privacy Control options if available. You may also want to (automatically) clear/delete all your cookies (including Flash cookies) on closing your browser. Additionally, you may also want to customise your browser using, where/if possible, the following add-ons/extensions/plugins to limit/control the ability of cookies and ergo websites to track you (NB this list is not exhaustive):

Privacy Badger: https://www.eff.org/privacybadger
Ghostery: https://www.ghostery.com
Privacy Possum: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/privacy-possum/
Avira Browser Safety: https://www.avira.com/en/avira-browser-safety

Ghostery, by the way, has a great function that allows you to automatically deny the use of non-essential cookies pretty much whenever you encounter a cookie banner online. We like this a lot as, nine times out of 10 or thereabouts, you don’t have to do any clicking yourself.

We understand that in the wider scheme of things, cookies are arguably not all bad and can no doubt be seen as highly beneficial in some ways, oiling the wheels of commerce and the like. We just choose to avoid/block/delete them wherever possible. And on that note, you can find more information on managing and deleting cookies here: https://aboutcookies.org

Cookies クッキー

This Cookie Policy should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy here: https://www.ninjinart.com/privacy-policy/

NB. If you can’t see any Cookie Policy on this page, then most likely your browser has sent us a Do Not Track request that we are honouring. The privacy-focussed Brave browser in particular never seems to show any Cookie Policy here whenever we check. Anyway, for more info on all that, please read this article from Complianz, paying specific attention to the second point raised about Do Not Track requests.

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