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Ignatius Rake is always open to commissions and collaborations and will consider all budgets and artistic/musical genres.


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Traditionally, people think of music videos as requiring on-location filming. This involves a lot of time, expense and hassle that is not actually necessary. Instead, bands can simply email Ignatius Rake any material they have already, from footage of them shot on their phones to gig posters and press photos their mum took, etc, and then he can edit that together with his own and/or licensed material as needed.

Obviously, all parties will need to communicate first to establish the kind of video required and what would be feasible based on budgets, time frames and resources, etc. Nevertheless, the whole process can be done remotely. A good example of this is the video he made for the Lockdown Allstars, a charity supergroup featuring members of Madness and Dexys Midnight Runners.

The band consisted of 11 musicians spread across the UK, from Cornwall to Scotland and London to Newcastle. Unable to meet in person due to strict Covid regulations, they instead filmed themselves independently on whatever cameras were available. The resultant footage, which ranged widely in format and quality, was then emailed to Ignatius Rake, who edited it together in his studio in Cornwall. You can read more about this project here.

Having been in bands himself, Ignatius Rake knows that money can be tight, which is why he is open to all budgets as well as all genres, from rock and punk to house and hip hop. Importantly, you will retain the copyright to any material you submit, including the music and lyrics. If you are interested, please get in touch.

Big Jim Paterson, Bobby Blencowe and Smudger of the Lockdown Allstars.


すべての関係者は、必要なビデオの種類と、予算、時間枠、リソースなどに基づいて実現可能なものを制作するために、最初にイグナティウス・レーキと連絡を取る必要があります。それでも、プロセス全体をリモートで行うことができます。これの良い例は、彼がMadnessDexys Midnight RunnersをフィーチャリングしたチャリティースーパーグループのThe Lockdown Allstarsのために作成したビデオです。



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