A blue-skinned female alien from the 1960s wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Welcome to Ninjin Art

Welcome to Ninjin Art

Ninjin Art is

The music-driven videos and kimo-kawaii animations of Ignatius Rake.


Video 動画

As well as making music videos for bands and musicians in the UK, Poland and Japan, Ignatius Rake also creates music-driven short films about art, Japan and life in general.


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Animation アニメ

Ignatius Rake makes digital collage art that he then animates to music. In addition to these ‘linear’ animations, he also makes ‘loop art’: very short animations intended to be played on loop and which typically use soundscapes rather than music per se.

イグナティウス・レーキはデジタル コラージュ アートを制作しています。次に、彼はこれらのキモカワイイ作品を音楽に合わせてアニメーション化します。これらの「リニア」アニメーションに加えて、「ループアート」も作っています。これらの短いアニメーションはループ再生を想定しており音楽ではなくサウンドスケープを使用しています。

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Commissions 作品の依頼
want a vid? 作品の依頼

Ignatius Rake is always open to commissions and collaborations and will consider all budgets and artistic/musical genres.


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